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Title: Five Times: that portugal kissed england And One Time: that england kissed portugal
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Portugal [OC] England
Pairing?: England/Portugal
Rating: PG for England’s potty mouth, as always.
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin. Six small drabbles, six kisses, with everything from the fail to the sweet.
Timeframe: … In drabble order, the late 1300s, the Peninsular War, 2010, the mid-1600s, 1974, and the early 2010s. :’>
Word Count: 2362 altogether. :>
Notes: Written as a birthday present for my best friend, who’s 20 today and requested this 5+1 style prompt a while back – I hope this is to her liking! ♥
Warnings: A Hetalia OC, England’s emotion!fail, a (somewhat obscure) reference to an earlier fic of mine, and more than a little sap.

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I do love me a good 5+1 meme )
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Hello guys! To celebrate the fact that I am more or less settled into my university now after travelling halfway round the world to Japan for a year, I bring a few Hetalia drabbles to dump here. ^^ Most of these have been plurked already, but I'm just putting them here too for neatness. :>

Title: untitled drabble 1
Characters: Portugal [OC], Turkey
Rating: PG for language + a war.
Summary: Turkey and Portugal on a battlefield in World War One.
Timeframe 1917, during WW1.
Word Count: 627

And the bombs? The bombs are new. )

Title: untitled drabble 2
Characters: Portugal [OC], Macau [OC]
Rating: G
Summary: Portugal meets bitty!Macau, who instantly latches onto him like a latching thing.
Timeframe about 1552/1553
Word Count: 437

China told me not to talk to you. )

Title: untitled drabble 3
Characters: Portugal [OC], Turkey, Ireland [[livejournal.com profile] starsandauras's OC]
Rating: PG for slight language.
Summary: Ireland, Turkey and Portugal in the meeting room after one of the meetings to discuss Turkey's accession to the EU.
Timeframe 2010
Word Count: 458

It's dangerous to swing on chairs, you know. )

Title: untitled drabble 4
Characters: Portugal [OC], Ireland [[livejournal.com profile] starsandauras's OC]
Rating: G
Summary: Ireland, Portugal, an old Irish folk song, and Port's fail pronunciation of Gaelic.
Timeframe 2010
Word Count: 161

I wish I was on yonder hill//'tis there I'd sit and cry my fill )
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Title: [untitled]
Fandom: Hetalia/DDD (ish)
Characters: England, Spain, Elizabeth I, brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it mention of Portugal [OC]
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They don’t talk about how she was dignified to the last as they led her away to the Tower to await her sentence as a heretic, an illegitimate child of the king who had dared to break away from Rome.
Timeframe: AU; late 1580s
Word Count: 531
Notes: Based on the current What If? virus going on on DDD at the moment, where me and the resident Spain are exploring a "What If the Spanish Armada had succeeded?" scenario and during our discussions about it, this suddenly popped up in my brain and refused to let me go.
Warnings: Essentially an alternate universe of history itself, so... yeah. A bit of unsavoury language and death of a historical figure. Also, this is completely unbeta'd as I thought of it, typed it out and posted it in the space of about two hours.

Also, apologies for the one sentence of unbeta'd Spanish I use in this, I haven't practised all summer so I'm sure it's wrong somehow. <-- corrected now by the lovely Lylith! ♥

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Enough already, Arthur. It's finished. )


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