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Medium: animanga/visual novel
Fandom: fate/stay night
Subject: shirou emiya/sakura matou
Title: i'm only home when i'm with you.
Warnings: there's some vague allusions to the events of heaven's feel in some of the song lyrics i guess?? this is a mostly 0k mix tho
Notes: i'm very emotional about the safe haven these two broken people built for each other and i'm also starved for heaven's feel content. when will the films come and save me from this desert

Listen on 8tracks!

i had a thought, dear, however scary, about that night, the bugs and the dirt... )
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Medium: Visual Novel
Fandom: Fate/stay night
Subject: Sakura Matou
Title: dissolved girl
Warnings: possibly some very vague spoilers for Heaven’s Feel? this mix was very much put together with that route in mind, so if you’d rather remain completely spoiler-free avoid or do not avoid this fanmix at your discretion! other than that uh, it’s Sakura Matou so there are some pretty heavy themes of self-loathing etc in this mix and all that comes with that, again please use your own sense and discretion :|b
Notes: okay so it may be a slight surprise because I am a Saber girl for life and will whole-heartedly admit that I prefer /zero to /stay night and most of my activity in this fandom is to do with the /zero crew, but I actually really like Sakura?? mostly because she is actually allowed to be human and wars between wanting to be selfish and hating herself for being so and wow just what a good character

(admittedly this is how I feel about a lot of people in fate but shhhhhhh)

other people can probably wax poetic on her a lot better than me so I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy the music now yes okay good.

EDIT 07/03/14: this mix can now be listened to on 8tracks!

could you forgive me if I became a bad person? )


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