tinfoiltennis: Makoto from Free! (✎ gaming intensifies)
Medium: animanga
Fandom: Free!
Subject: Makoto Tachibana
Title: i'll see you in the future
Warnings: none!
Notes: i'm very emotional about this boy he's a life ruiner and i'm so pleased with his character development this season òwó!!

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you should find that dream, and go flying into the outside world to follow it! you have the ability to do that! )
tinfoiltennis: Makoto from Free! (✎ gaming intensifies)
Medium: Anime
Fandom: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Subject: Haruka Nanase & Makoto Tachibana
Title: i wouldn't mind it at all.
Warnings: none unless you don't like fluff
Notes: if it is cheating to use tracks from the OST or from characters singles then i have passed the point of caring

also you can literally interpret this mix however you want to because even i'm not sure whether i meant for it to be a friendship mix, a cute ace boyfriends shipping mix, or a moirails mix, all i really know is that these two are very important

what i can tell you is that all of the most overtly shipping-esque songs were ones picked with makoto in mind so take that as you will

tracklist and lyrics can be found under the cut!

Listen on 8tracks!

and i'm always clumsy when responding to the kindness at my side, but-- )


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