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Title: the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: /DEEP BREATH/ England, Portugal [OC], Ireland [[livejournal.com profile] starsandauras’s OC], Australia [[livejournal.com profile] unspeakingly’s OC], Prussia, France, Wales [[livejournal.com profile] kyahryorin’s OC], Spain, Romano, Scotland [[livejournal.com profile] eats_typos’s OC], America, Sealand, Canada, Italy, Germany, Northern Ireland [[livejournal.com profile] later_days’s OC], GOD, JUST EVERY NATION EVER AT SOME POINT OR ANOTHER. Other people’s OCs are used with varying degrees of permission but with no less love or gratitude. <3
Pairing?: England/Portugal with a bit of background Spain/Romano.
Rating: PG for a bit of language.
Summary: They’d wanted something quiet. Well, that was never going to go according to plan. Especially when Ireland’s got her heart set on playing the role of the weathered old sea captain.
Timeframe … I do not even know, lmfao. 2010 OR 2011.
Word Count: 5105
Notes: This is TV Tropes’s fault. God damn you, Married At Sea trope, for being perfect for these two. Also god damn you people on Plurk for trying to push me into writing marriage!fic for these two ever since That One Bit Of Legislation got passed. :| I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY, Y’BUGGERS. Also a lot of the texts were lifted directly from people’s contributions on Plurk, and for that I thank them and apologise. <3

… oh yeah, and for those curious, the title is from a quote by Heinrich Heine: “Here's to matrimony, the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented!”
Warnings: A clusterscrew of Hetalia OCs, far too much crack in one fic to be legal, a buttload of clichedness and sap, Ireland in a speedboat and sunglasses, and the finer workings of Australia’s text message inbox.

✎ ✎ ✎

ireland must be serious, she's wearing pants )
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Title: this ruin of a world
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Portugal [OC], Spain, England, France
Pairing?: Implied England/Portugal
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After the Lisbon disaster of 1755, Spain and England are forced to temporarily put aside their differences to help someone dear to the both of them.
Timeframe: 1755
Notes: Oh Lord, I just. If I end up offending anyone with this, I apologise, so, so badly. But this idea developed slowly and wouldn’t let me go until I turned it into a fully-fledged fic. Also, this is my first time seriously writing Spain and France, so if I fail at them, feel free to whack me over the head. A lot of this was my attempt at trying to balance characterisation and history together, so… orz.

Also! I got a lot of my information for this fic from an amazing book by a historian called Edward Paice called Wrath of God: the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755, and if you’re interested in Portugal or the events of the earthquake at all, I’d definitely recommend it – it’s amazingly well-written and researched and manages to be an engaging and educational read. :> /plug plug plug
Warnings: A Hetalia OC, swearing + possible trigger content; a natural disaster, talk of religion, symbolic injuries, a few historical slurs against certain countries. And angst. A whole bucketload of it. Also I'm still iffy about the ending, but meh. :|; Don't judge me too much guys ;;

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Come, ye philosophers, who cry, 'All’s well,'//And contemplate this ruin of a world. )


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