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C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER. About time the endless stream of that we should voyage far chapters got broken up a little. B||

Medium: Books
Fandom: The Waywalkers duet
Subject: Sam Linnfer
Title: the man of a thousand faces
Warnings: None, other than a really obscure fandom. :’>
Notes: So basically the Waywalkers duet is a series of two books that needs more love. Seriously, it is so obscure and it makes me sadfais. :c BASIC PLOTLINE IS the main character, Sam, is the Son of Time and Magic, aka actually the Devil Incarnate in disguise as a mortal, but in actual fact he’s a decent chap trying to live a quiet existence in London. Except that that all goes tits-up when a friend of his who just happens to be Freya (as in, Norse mythology Freya) dies and he’s propelled into what turns out to be basically trying to stop the end of the universe. So what this means is that it is an epic series and you should all go and read it right now. 8D Oh, and the guy on the cover of the mix is Ben Whishaw, the actor I (and almost every other Sam player on LJ because there’s so few of us sob) use for a PB in the RP I play him at. :>

Also, a thousand thanks go to Shiro for introducing me to the final song, holy crap! It’s perfect and Sam’s theme song, I swear.

we are the intention and the act, the strength and the weakness, the light and the dark, the individual and the whole, the magic and... )


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