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♬ fanmix - makoto tachibana - i'll see you in the future

Medium: animanga
Fandom: Free!
Subject: Makoto Tachibana
Title: i'll see you in the future
Warnings: none!
Notes: i'm very emotional about this boy he's a life ruiner and i'm so pleased with his character development this season òwó!!

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chairlift - bruises
i tried to do handstands for you, i tried to do handstands for you / every time i fell on you, yeah, every time i fell / i tried to do handstands for you but every time i fell for you / i’m permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you

immaculate machine - c'mon, sea legs
i can’t get used to the changing of the tide; on paper it looks good, you know / in practice, well, that’s another story / you panic every time the boat starts moving

michelle branch - all you wanted
i wanted to be like you / i wanted everything / so i tried to be like you and i got swept away / i didn't know that it was so cold and you needed someone to show you the way / so i took your hand and we figured out that / when the time comes i'd take you away

paramore - last hope
i don’t even know myself at all, i thought i would be happy by now / but the more i try to push it i realise i gotta let go of control / gotta let it happen, so let it happen / it’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going

yoko shimomura - friends in my heart

bastille - laughter lines
i’ll see you in the future when we’re older / and we are full of stories to be told / cross my heart and hope to die / i’ll see you with your laughter lines

yoko kanno - green bird

kenshi yonezu - eine kleine piano ver. [ lyrics ]
i’m so truly happy to have met you / and yet, as if it follows naturally, it’s all so sad / now, with painfully happy memories / i walk on toward the inevitable farewell / what i want is just for you to hear all of my thoughts / yet i lie and say i have secrets i can’t tell anyone / i’m countless times more spineless than you seem to think me, so why? why? why?

rie fu - life is like a boat [ lyrics ]
nobody knows who i really am, i never felt this empty before / and if I ever need someone to come along, who's gonna comfort me, and keep me strong? / we are all rowing a boat of fate / the waves keep on comin' and we can't escape / but if we ever get lost on our way / the waves would guide you through another day

ajikko - summer time record (cover) [ lyrics ]
“it’s refreshing” we told each other under the transparent summer sky / try not to cry, breathe in / let's say our farewells / in those summer days when we gathered in our secret base and laughed together / “i wonder if we could remember, and meet again somewhere” / let’s sketch that thought out, however many times

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