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♬ fanmix - aoi tohsaka - the gravity of duties.

Medium: Animanga
Fandom: Fate/zero
Subject: Aoi Tohsaka
Title: the gravity of duties.
Warnings: none!
Notes: i have a lot of feelings about aoi so i made a fanmix I AM A CARD-CARRYING MEMBER OF THE MINOR/SUPPORTING F/Z CHARACTERS APPRECIATION SQUAD

tracklist and lyrics can be found under the cut!

Listen on 8tracks!

ludo et rémi - complicité

tally hall - smile like you mean it
dreams aren't what they used to be; some things slide by so carelessly.

tori amos - parasol
when i come to terms with this, my world will change for me.

stars - your ex-lover is dead (final fantasy remix)
i'll write you a postcard, i'll send you the news; from the house down the road, from real love.

ani difranco - school night
what of the mother whose house is in flames, and both of her children are in their beds crying? she loves them both with all of her heart, but she knows she can only carry one at a time. she's choking on the smoke of unthinkable choices, she's haunted by the voices of so many desires. she's bent over from the business of begging for forgiveness, while frantically running round putting out fires.

blood brothers ost - easy terms
should we meet again, i will not recognise your name. you can be sure what's gone before will be concealed; your friends will never learn that once we were on easy terms.

samira - the hardest part
the hardest part was letting go, not taking part.

eisley - laughing city
you've got to hold on, hold on to the ones you love.

the cardigans - losing a friend
you jeopardise me, bad bad blood on your hands, and see, you're losing a friend

kate bush - this woman's work
oh darling, make it go away, give those moments back, give them back to me

renee castle & cavin cornwall - could we start again, please?
this was unexpected, what do i do now? could we start again, please?

azure ray - just a faint line
i wrote down exactly how i want to live, and now it's just a promise that i'll never give. it's just a faint line i'll trace to recreate a semblance of love, of stability

eva cassidy - over the rainbow
[ no sorry i can't even pick lyrics for this one i'M JUST TOO SAD ]

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